• (2021-2022) Strategic Project: Project manager, Bromstensgluggen, cloud burst mapping and rainwater investigation for development plan Bromstensgluggen in Stockholm.
  • (2021-2022) Strategic Project: Technical manager, Gunsta, Scalgo-analysis and cloud burst modelling against design rain event and 100-year year event.
  • (2021-2022) Strategic Project: Expert, Grebbestad, Structure plan of wastewater and rainwater  drainage systems together with cloudburst modelling and cost-benefit analysis.
  • 2021 - 2022: Technical manager, Sporthotellet, FLOOD modellering for design strom of 10- and 30-yer events together with cloud burst of 100-year event for development plan area in Stockholm - Kista.
  • 2021: Technical manager, Riddersvik,Design of Riddersvik dike in Stockholm against design storm of 30-year event through hydraulic modelling.
  • 2021: Project manager, Archimedes 1, hydraulic modelling of design storm of 10- and 30-year events together with optimization of rainwater pipe net capacity due to load from development plan area.
  • 2021: Project manager, Hagsätravägen, Cloud burst modelling through Scalgo and preliminry cost estimation of develiopment plan in Hgsätravaägen in Stockholm.


  •  2020-2022 Strategic Project: Expert, The effect of extreme sea levels protection on raiwater pipenet capacity and flooding in Göteborg. 
  • 2020 – 2022: Technical manager, Humlegården, design of underground rainwater magasin för design storn and för cloudburst events through hydraulic modelling.
  • 2020 - 2022: Project manager, NSVA, Flood modelling and cloud burst mapping for 9 towns and cities in Bjuv municipality and Landskrona municiplity ginst design storm of 5- and 10-year events together with cloud burst storm of 50- and 100-year events.
  • Nybro, Project manager, flood modelling and cloudburst mapping of Nybro city against design storm of 10- and 20-year events together with 100-year and Copenhagen rain. 


  • (2019-2021) Strategic Project: Ostlänken - OLP1, Trafikverket - Sweden, Technical manager för hydrologi and hydraulics, surfacewater and cloudburst mapping and flooding konsequences for the new express railway  Ostlänken (OLP1: 15 km east of Linköping). Hydraulic design and flood modelling of a total area of 14 610 ha .
  • (2019-2021) Cloud burst modelleing in Umeå Municipality  at Sävar, Obbola and Hörnefors, Expert, design rain modelling and cloudburst modelling .
  • (2019-2021) wastewater hydraulic model for Umeå South according to executed optimizations in the pipe net and according to 20- and 50-year prognoses. Expert .
  • Smörkajen DP 5611, Nyhamnen, Malmö: A project for Stasbyggnadskontoret in Malmö city. Roll as Technical manager for modelling of design rain and cloudburst during extreme sea levels. The project is a 1D model for pipenet sonnected to 2D model for surface water to examine the impact of the project on current situation, when the Malmö port changes to a dwelling-commercial area. Plans for optimization was implemented as modelling scenarios for short and long terms (2100). The project was a main basis for a Structure plan (Strukturplan) for the port area.


  • Strategic Project: Design and flood modelling of Tornlyckan development project (32 ha) för Höganäs municipality, Sweden.
  • Flood modelling of Fortuna development project (47 ha) för Malmö municipality, Sweden.
  • Flood modelling of south of the swimming hall quarter  (4 ha) in Hylli-Malmö for Malmö municipality, Sweden.
  • Dalum papir fabrik: Preliminary rainwater and flooding analysis and risk assessment, Odense-Denmark.


  • Strategic Project:Vinge Centre, Frederikssund municipality, NOVAFOS, Frederikssund-Danmark. Modellingange adaptation for  project for housing i Denmark. 30 ha and 10 000 PE.
  • Planning and modelling of drainage systems in Nødebo-Hillerød-Denmark.
  • Planning and modelling of drainage system optimization in Uvelse-Denmark.
  • Feasibility study of centralization of Nørre Herlev-Denmark drainage system and WWTP with the Hillerød drainage system and WWTP.
  • Planning and modelling of separation of combined sewer system in Uvelse-Denmark.





  • Capacity of drainage system in Gørløse-Denmark with Mike Urban - comparison between CDS and historical rains.
  • Planning and modelling of drainage systems in Nødebo-Hillerød-Denmark.
  • Planning of drainage system optimisation in Uvelse and Hillerød Øst-Denmark with LID solutions.
  • Development projects in Hillerød Nonne- og Munkebuen, Oase III, Enggårdsvej-Denmark.





  •  Strategic Project: Asset management of Urban Water Infrastructures - Saneringsplanlægning.
  • Uppsala-Sweden, Ulleråker development project. Flood risk assessment via Mike 21 modelling.
  • Mike Urban wastewater modelling and calibration of Uppsala Water Utility area North of Stockholm.
  • Roslagsvatten Utility, Building up Mike Urban models in 4 municipalities in Stockholm area.








  • Strategic Project: Structure plan for wastewater tunnels and pipe systems via. MIKE URBAN modlleing for Wastewater of Sickla Island in Nacka Municipality easter Stockholm producing status and future models with klimate change effect with solution scenarios.





  • Strategic Project (2014-2015): Mike Urban overflow simulations of CSO (Bräddberäkningar) of Stockholm city for Stockholm Water utility. Statistical computation of CSO flow for several rain events from 3 months up to 150 years.

  • Mike FLOOD Nacka-Orminge, Stockholm – Flood risk assessment and flood modelling with 3D presentation of results.












        2012 - 2013

  • Strategic Project (2013-2015):15 km Bromma-Sickla tunnel, technical and capacity design, merging of previous models, status, future model computations with climate change effect and solution computations with tunnel design proposal to Stockholm Vatten and Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant in Stockholm. See also link 1, link 2.
  • Huddinge - Snättringe, Stockholm, Calibration of rainwater system with solution proposal for floodings by basin or orifices.

  • Strategic Project: Capacity optimization against flooding: Modelling, status and climate change soultions, flood risk assessment, flood simulations, design, bidding and supervising of basin and rainwater drainage system in catchment I (78 ha) in Brøndby-Denmark. Click to see video
  • Capacity optimization against flooding: Planning, modelling, calibration, climate change simulations, flood simulations, design, bidding and supervising of basin and rainwater drainage system in Brøndby øster 5 catchments  (In total 230 ha) in Brøndby-Denmark.
  • Modelcalibration and scenario modelling of combined sewer system in catchment B (146 ha) in Brøndby municipality-Denmark for optimal implementation of system capacity
  • Strategic Project (2012-2013): Capacity optimization and renovation of 80 000 m3 combined sewer basin in the catchment of Avedøre Wastewater Services.





























  • Risk assessment on basis of current and future climate change in regard to flooding problems in Værebro stream and Roskilde Fjord-Denmark by using MIKE FLOOD (MIKE21 and MIKE11).
  • Risk assessment and hydraulic analysis on basis of current and future climate change forKildedal leisure area(Kildedal Park)using MIKE FLOOD (MIKE21, MU-MOUSE and MIKE 11). Click here to see more.






  • Saving of approx.DKK 5 million in a new road projectby implementing MU-MOUSE hydraulic optimisation.
  • Project manager of renovation of rainwater basins.
  • Strategic Project: Risk assessment on basis of current and future climate change for basins and lagoons in Stenløse town centre as integrated part of the Stenløse tributary by using MIKE FLOOD (MIKE21, MIKE11 and MU-MOUSE). 



















  • 2007: Smørumnedre, saving of over DKK 5 million by implementing MIKE URBAN-MOUSE model optimisation for alternative solutions of renovation.
  • 2006-2007: Peter Appelsvej, housing development project:Saving of DKK 1.3 million by suggesting alternative solutions due to a MIKE URBAN-MOUSE calculation, modifying structures and sorting out overestimated and double measured quantities and parts of the project in the quantity list.
  • 2005-2007: Have eliminated flooding in Stenløse Municipality west of Copenhagen by Building a 1200 m3 underground basin for combined sewer system in Ganløse town and finding wrong connections in and renovation in Frederikssundsvej road. All are based on hydraulic calculations and modelling.






  • Strategic Project (2005-2008): Hydraulic modelling of (700-house) housing development project in "Stenløse syd" with climate change adaptation that implemented local discharge of rain - in Danish: "Lokal Afledning af Regnvand (LAR)", implementing the terrain and the permeability of the area, where it is possible to handle and discharge rainwater without overloading the drainage system, rivers and protecting groundwater from pollution.









  • 1993-1996:”Project Manager” of a infrastructure renovation project, included roads, water supply network and drainage system in Dawra area in Baghdad.






  • 1988-1991:”Site director engineer” of Ar-Rashidyah Military Hospital 500-bed north of Baghdad with a budget of 215 million US$ between 1981-1991. I have saved more than 300,000 US$ in 1990. See the location.