2021: MIKE+ (1D-2D) Comprehensive (2 days - Online)

2021: MIKE+ (1D-2D), introduktion (3 hours - Online)

2021: MIKE+ (1D), introduktion (3 hours - Online)

2019: ABK09: ABK 09 General provisions for consulting assignments in architectural and engineering activities in Sweden (Allmänna bestemmelser för konsultuppdrag inom arkitekt- och ingenjörsverksamhet) -1 day course

2019: Gndalf 2019 - 2 days.

2018: Naviate, AutoCAD Civil 3D infrastructure - 3 days.

2018: Working environment (Arbetsmiljö) - WSP - intern course (1 day)

2018:  New as consultant at WSP (Ny som konsult i WSP) - intern Course (1 day)

2018: Projct management part 2 and part 3 at WSP (Uppdragsstyrningsutbildning del 2 och del 3 - WSP - Civil Skåne) - (2 days) 

2017: Project management at MT Højgaard.- 4 days

2016: Mike 21 – New screening methods for 2-D modellering – DHI-DK. (1 dag). 

2016: Mike Urban 2016 – uppdating, new tools and Mike 1-D modelling – DHI-DK (2 days).

2016: Mike Urban 2016 - ”Modelling of Green Cities” with focus on climatechange adaptation solutions, DHI - Denmark (2 days).

2016: Mike Urban 2016 - Upgrading, New tools and Mike 1-D modelling., DHI - Denmark.

2015: Swedish level 8/10 at Berlitz - Stockholm.

2015: To work consultative, Sweco - Stockholm.

2014: Diploma course in Hydraulics - Theory, analysis and design for engineers at Svenskt Vatten -Stockholm.

2014: Project management at Sweco - Stockholm.

2013-2014: Swedish level 7/10 for Danes at Berlitz - Stockholm.

2013: MIKE by DHI user seminar in North Zealand, Danmark.

2012: MIKE by DHI users' seminar, DHI 2-day course in MIKE 21 & MIKE 3 FLOW MODEL FM - Hydrodynamic modelling using Flexible Mesh.

2011: Gandalf (Time series (rain and flow) analysis tool) at DHI-Sweden, MapInfo-GIS (What is new in V.11).

2010: MIKE FLOOD and MIKE URBAN at DHI-Denmark, Desktop3 in Arc-GIS at Informi-GIS, Denmark.

2009: MIKE11, MIKE11GIS, MIKE FLOOD-River and MIKE 11 advanced at DHI. Management, Project management and Meeting             management at IDA (Engineers Union in Denmark).

2008: DHI’s software users’ seminar. Course at Water Across Europe – DHI 2nd European conference.

2007: MIKE FLOOD course at DHI, DHI’s software users’ seminar, Pipe centre “Rørcenterets” day.

2006: DHI's software users seminar, Fresh water center "Ferskvandscentrets" courses (Aministration of Sewer,  Bidding of drainage           system projects), Grundfos Pump school (Basis module, Wastewater I, Wastewater II, Water supply II and Heating I), Pipe           centre – Technological Institute “Rørcenter – Teknologisk Institut” courses (Sewer in theory and practice for supervisors).

2005: MIKE URBAN courses and continuous training, DasGraf-courses (Basis course, DasGraf TV and manhole reports, DasGraf –           Administration, Themes in Microstation), Fresh water centre “Ferskvandscentrets” courses (Runoff management - Håndtering           af regnafstrømning), seminarer.dk (The new function practice for drainage systems_publication 27 - Den ny funktionspraksis           for afløbssystemer under regn_skrift 27).          

2003-2004: 3 courses at the Danish Red Cross: Crisis management – Refugee Camp Management giving a priority to water supply           and sanitation 2004, Security Course 2003, Basic Training Course.

2003: Hydraulic design and analysis of Urban Drainage Systems using MOUSE/SAMBA Environment & Resources – DTU. Geo-          information and net – Workshop, Engineering College of Copenhagen: GIS processing through training on MapInfo, MapBasic           and Vertical Maps software’s package, 2003.