Personal data

Birth: 1966, Baghdad - Iraq

Languages: Arabic, English and Danish (Learning Swedish)

Profession: Urban Water Engineer


Relevent experience/Key qualifications

6 years as a Senior Project manager and specialist in Sweden at WSP and Sweco with tasks in Project management, hydraulic modelling, hydrologic modelling, design, climate change adaptation, flood modelling and risk assessment. Focus was on major and strategic tunnel systems, flood modelling, calibration and validation, CSO’s and pump stations in Stockholm and other urbanised areas.

 16 years as urban water engineer in Denmark for a number of utilities, consultants and contractors, finalised at MT Højgaard as a Senior Design Engineer for a number of drainage system projects with focus on climate change adaptation, design, cost-benefit analysis and hydraulic modelling. All of which included analysis and design of new and modified drainage and pipe systems, pump stations, selection of renovation, rehabilitation and renewing methods, rain/flow data analysis, calibration/verification and validation of hydraulic models/systems, design of complicated hydraulic systems and testing of designed pipe/channel net systems. I carry out risk assessment, planning, quality assurance, economy management and feasibility studies. I am experienced in the areas of structural, drainage and civil design, communicating with project teams on a day-to-day basis, and producing detailed designs utilising hydraulic modelling. € 9 million is the total cost saving associated to my projects in the period 2007 - 2011.

 9+ years as a civil and structural engineer in Iraq. I have accomplished tasks as project manager, site director engineer, contractor, consultant and planner in a variety of infrastructure projects in Baghdad such as drainage systems, water supply nets, river and roads.  

 3 years as a trainee-engineering student in a contracting and entrepreneur company.

 Peer reviewer at "Water Science and Technology" Journal of The International Water Association (IWA)



2002: MSc in Technological and Socio-Economic Planning in Environmental Policy and Regulation, Roskilde University Center (RUC) Denmark.

2001: MSc in Environmental Engineering and Science, Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

1987: BSc in Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Technology (UOT), Baghdad-Iraq.


Professional skills

  • Urban Water strategic planning and project management

  • Hydrology & Hydraulic analysis and design

  • Modelling of drainage, groundwater and river systems

  • Flood risk assessment & modelling

  • Climate change adaptation strategies

  • Cost-benefit analysis and feasibility studies

  • Urban storm Water systems analysis and design

  • Rainfall data analysis from rain stations and radar

  • Asset Management

  • Design & validation of networks, tunnel systems, water structures, pump stations and basins

  •  Advanced GIS

Personal skills

 I work independently, as well as in a team with skilful communication ability that I can lead and coordinate a team work. I have strong investigational skills. I am thorough, determined, result oriented and have a sense of humour. I think systematically and analytically, which enables me to carry out several tasks at the same time. 


Professional record


2018-date WSP Sweden

Senior Project Manager
  • Project and Economy Management
  • Hydroogical and hydraulic modelling
  • Urban water planning and solution execution
  • Climate change adaptation, Risk analysis and LID-solutions
  • Development projects from A to Z.
  • Asset management

2017-2018 MT Højgaard

Senior Design Engineer
  • Project and Economy Management
  • Hydroogical and hydraulic modelling
  • Urban water planning and solution execution
  • Climate change adaptation, Risk analysis and LID-solutions
  • Development projects from A to Z.
  • Asset management

2015-2017 Hillerød Forsyning

Project manager
  • Project and Economy Management
  • Hydroogical and hydraulic modelling
  • Urban water planning and solution execution
  • Climate change adaptation, Risk analysis and LID-solutions
  • Development projects from A to Z.
  • Asset management

2013-2015 Sweco Environment AB

Project manager
  •  Initiator and project manager of Swedish Water Association development project ”Guidelines for modeling of waste water carrying systems and storm water”
  • Urban water-structure plans.
  •  Project Manager and Specialist in Urban water modelling. MIKE URBAN-MOUSE,  MIKE FLOOD, MIKE 21, MIKE 11, GIS, (RTC), RDII / NAM, etc.
  •  Drainage network systems and flood hydrological/hydraulic modelling and risk assessment, Climate change adaptation, GIS, VA-plans.
  •  Calibration, rain and flow data analysis.
  •  Cost-benefit.
  •  Advanced GIS.


 2010-2013 Avedøre Wastewater Services (AWWS)

Project manager  

  •  Senior modeller for carrying out hydraulic models of the 10 municipalities (300.000 PE) catchment of AWWS
  • Representative of AWWS in the METSAM project for Real Time Control (RTC) of AWWS together with the other 2 biggest water companies in Copenhagen area (KE, Lynetten and AWWS)
  • Developing, calibration/verification and validation of a 7 years old regional MOUSE-model of the AWWS
  • Project manager of capacity and renovation projects in Lyngby municipality 
  • Project manager of basins capacity and renovation projects in the catchment of AWWS 


2005-2010 Egedal Forsyning A/S (Egedal Supply Ltd.), Denmark 

  • Focus on hydraulic modelling, Cost-benefit analysis and project management. 
  •   Established Rain Information System based on radar system for hydrological/metrological registering, analysis and forecast.
  •  Wastewater planning and contributing in preparing local master plans.
  •  Carrying out projects of new and renovation of drainage systems, solving acute problems, optimising standards and improving quality in relation to developing projects.
  •   Producing and developing MIKE URBAN-MOUSE models for existing drainage systems and as well for planned and projected housing developing projects with validation in order to meet the guidelines of design, climate change and expanding of urban drainage catchments. 
  •  Supervising the maintenance and development of the GIS based drainage system database (DasGraf-Microstation) and other tools of analysis and projecting.
  •  Reporting of drainage problems and solutions within the budget frame to the board committee.
  •  Quality assurance and auditing of work processes.
  •  Coordinating with building and construction projects and activities in accordance with the local and regional plans. Coordinating with local and state authorities in accordance with the environmental law, instructions and guidelines.


2004-2005 Frederiksborg Amt (County of North Zealand), Hillerød-Denmark

  • WinRIS (Rain Information System), which is a rain discharge determination system that registers and analyses data from drainage systems to recipients in the county in order to model the loads of pollutants on the major hydraulic references (streams, rivers and sea). The results were reported to the Ministry of Environment on annual basis.
  • Further tasks: Inspection of municipal wastewater treatment plants & discharge points to recipients, annual reports of discharge to the Ministry of Environment and preparing GIS themes using MapInfo.


1997-2002 Education, language and integration courses

  • MSc at DTU & RUC, education, language & culture courses in Lyngby, Roskilde, Skive and Copenhagen.
  • Two semesters as a teaching assistant at DTU on a MSc course "Water Pollution".


1991-1996 Kermasha Engineering & Contracting Association, Baghdad-Iraq 

  • Engineering design works, technical and strategic planning of projects, site supervising, project management and decision-making procedures assignments.
  • Project strategy management. The trend of making feasibility studies, accurate design and controlled execution, was the major procedure of work after 1991.
  • River, Water supply and drainage system projects were taking a significant part of the association works.


1987-1991 Compulsory Military Service: Directorate of Military Works (Military Projects Commission-Department of Large Projects), Ministry of Defence, Iraq 

  • Site engineer and resident engineer in different projects.
  • Site director engineer and budget manager (November 1988 - June 1991).
  • Most of the work was in cooperation with international contracting and consultation companies from among others Switzerland, Italy, Britain, Yugoslavia, etc.


1984-1987 Kermasha Engineering & Contracting Association, a trainee-eng. student, Baghdad 

  • Project plans drawing, Survey Engineering applications and assessments of quantities for pricing.
  • Monitoring the works advancement of the association’s different projects.